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Rules for Wrestling Meet’s CTU

1. Don’t post any porn or illegal sites. That also goes for your link in your profile. If you do post any illegal or porn site’s your will not get a warning. Also this goes for posting pictures of porn. If you do post any of these things you and your posts will be deleted from this forum. This forum is for all ages.

2. No Disrespect Any Member on This Forum. If you do you will just get only one warning.

3. Swearing. You can't swear. If it’s in your fan-fiction stories...
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If you have swearing in you fan fiction you can keep in.
A story can be any rating, but if it's N17 post a wronging in the taller.
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This story will coming soon.
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Title:Breaking out Ramon

The scene in the prison in season 3

Breaking out Ramon

Why I am always picked first for these tapes of games. It is hared for me to tell this man in front of me to kill himself. You think it gets easy to tell people to kill themselves. How is it going to be sitting across from me for the next round of this game? I see them looking for the next person to come up to the table to play this game, I hope it is Ramon.

The inmate...
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Here is another 24/Wrestling story. This story is not a sequel to Jack Bauer VS Undertaker. I might add to this story after I finish the computer chip.

Who Killed Who?

Five miles away from CTU, some of the WWE superstars are getting ready to go to the Halloween party at CTU.

Sandman asked “Hey Taker, are you ready to go to CTU?”

With a smart mouth, Taker said “Why are we are going to CTU?”

With a smirk on his face, Kane answered his brother question

“Remember we are going to the Halloween party at CTU;...
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Title:The death of Nina
Characters:Nina, Kim and Jack
Summary:The scene when Jack shoots Nina, and what i thik what Jack, Nina and Kim are thinking.

The death of Nina

"You can not shoot me Kim you are not like your dad Kim put the gun down. Kim walk away, Kim I will not kill you. If you get in my way I will kill you."

"You don’t know me at...
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Raiding: For all age's
Summarily: After a long days work, Jack accidentally fulls asleep in his office.
Disclaimers: I do not own an of them.
A/N: This story is a one shot fic. Also this is a Chloe and Jack story. Read and enjoy.

Sleeping In the Office

Before Chloe can go home, she has to cheek all the rooms and offices of CTU. When she got to Jack’s office she saw the light was still on. She went up to the window and saw Jack lying on one...
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Title: The lost baseball
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: When CTU has a baseball game.
Disclaimer: I don't own anyone

The lost baseball

It was long day at CTU and some of the staff at CTU want home early to get ready for the staff baseball game. The only ones that are still inside the bulling are Jack, Tony, Chloe and Kim. Tony turns to Chloe and to say. “Why are you still here?”

“Because Tony I have no where to go and I have everything here...
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Title: Undertaker vs Jack Bauer
Warning: None
Rating: PG
Characters: Undertaker and Jack Bauer
Summary:This is one of my crossover stories between 24 and wrestling.
A/N: I'm rewriting this story. So the updates...
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This story will become soon.
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Summery: End for a hero and new being for the people left behind.

Rated: R just to be safe

This story is a 24 fanfiction

Now or Never

Chapter 1

It’s a long night at CTU and it just got longer. The terrorists got
into the building and released some nerve gas. There is one man
standing in the way of the terrorists. That one man is Jack Bauer.

Jack "Chloe, is the chemical team on their way?" She looked up from
her computer and said. "Yes...
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This story is a 24 fanfiction
This story is rated G
Summery: The last act of a hero AN: This story is a one shout


You know there comes a time to make a choice that can cost the lives of the many people that you love and work with. That choice is now in the hands of Jack Bauer. He is waiting to go in the gas that will kill him. And he knows that he can’t let anyone make that ultimate sacrifice....
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