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  • 20090621
    For more click on the titter

    TNA iMPACT! & WWE Superstars Ratings, Y2J, & More -

    The WWE Intercontinental Champion plays Billy Cobb, an Ultimate Fighter
    with a degree in Russian Literature who eventually fights side-by-side
    with teenage hero, Aaron Stone against the evil Omega Defiance. You can
    catch the episode at....

    Source:TPWW -

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  • 20090615
    For more cilck here Arrow Chris Masters signs with the WWE...again

    Masters was released from the company back in 2007 following multiple violations of WWE's Substance Abuse and Drug Policy also commonly referred to as the ...

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  • 20090614

    WWE stars Chris Jericho, Matt Hardy, and others comment on the ...

    The following comments are taken from the Twitter pages of various pro wrestling personalities regarding the death of Mitsuharu Misawa, who died following an in-ring spot in Japan.

    Chris Jericho: Misawa was a true warrior and one of my all time
    favorite performers. His fighting spirit and superb psychology will be
    remembered as long exists..."

    Matt Hardy:...

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  • 20090614

    Khali has been a great asset to WWE: Kane
    Source: Economic Times - Gurgaon,Haryana,India

    Kane, the WWE superstar, was in the Capital recently to promote his own sport — WWE. The sport that is already a hit amongst Indians reaches almost 45 ...

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  • 20090614

    WWE Announcer Jim Ross Takes Shot at Sleazy Wrestling Websites

    WWE Hall of Fame
    announcer Jim Ross has taken aim a certain wrestling sites on the
    Internet that have reported false information as fact, and then
    credited ...

    For more inform click the title.

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  • 20090614
    RIP Mitsuharu Misawa: 1962-2009

    Some passings in pro-wrestling don't come as a shock.

    There's guys who you expect to be on the deathwatch list.

    There's guys who aren't on the list, but when you hear of their passing, it doesn't necessarily surprise you.

    And then there's the real shocks. The ones that you hear about offhand that you can't quite believe are true, so you go check the news sites and the forums, as many credible sources as you can until you can get your brain around the fact.

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  • 20090614

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    Mysterio-WWE Update, Original Punk/Edge/Hardy Plan, More

    In a follow-up on an earlier report, Rey Mysterio did not hand in his notice to WWE officials as he still remains in the company. However, there are some issues between both sides which need to be worked out.

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  • 20090613

    Umaga Update, Roxxi Trying to Get Into WWE, Cena, More

    Former WWE wrestler Chuck Palumbo wrote on his Twitter account that his band, 3 Spoke Wheel, will be playing at the Thunder Run Bike Show in Bakersfield, ...

    Chick the tiller to read more.

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  • 20090528

    Just click on the tiller to read more.

    Adelitas Way, WWE becoming Invincible

    The icing on the cake is being able to reach mainstream audiences through WWE and the CBS hit show CSI Miami, also using the band's material. ...

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  • 20090528
    The Source

    WWE News: MyNetworkTV announces special episode of Smackdown

    Torch assistant editor MyNetworkTV announced this week that WWE will air a special episode of Smackdown on Friday, ...

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  • 20090528
    Father's Day with WWE Legends, Freddie Prinze Update, More

    Click here for more

    Former WWE creative team member Freddie Prinze
    Jr. will be joining the cast of the greatest show on TV, FOX's 24.
    Prinze will be playing Davis Cole, ...

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  • 20090528

    click the link for more.

    WWE Breaking Point News, Michelle McCool Injured, More

    will be running a pay-per-view in the same building as UFC, just a week before. WWE's Night of Champions will take place on July 26th in Philadelphia at ...

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  • 20090513
    For more click the link or copy & past it.

    Doctor To Late WWE Wrestler Chris Benoit Faces Sentencing This Morning
    Astin was the personal physician to former WWE wrestler Chris Benoit as well as the late Mike "Johnny Grunge" Durham. The doctor plead guilty to a 175-count ...

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  • 20090511
    Former WWE star Bret The Hitman Hart creates another smash hit

    Click here for more:

    The Hitman Hart spent seven years reliving the past
    triumphs and tragedies that comprised his historic climb to the pinnacle of pro ...

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  • 20090511
    Major Updates on Undertaker, Jeff Hardy & WWE’s Future Plans

    WWE is hoping to get him back by July in time to build up towards a major match at SummerSlam. Meanwhile, WWE has more or less acknowledged that Jeff Hardy ...

    More click the link above.

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  • 20090405
    I still don't have my computer. But here is some of the story about DDP & the yoga world.

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  • 20090308

    Chirs Jericho playing celebrity hockey (SuperSkate 2000)

    the Walls Down" WWF home video: story of Chris & his dad + Jericho
    playing at SuperSkate...

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  • 20080313
    The owner of the WWE is getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this Friday morning.

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  • 20090207
    Srouce for

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  • 20081201
    The tribute to the troops stats at 9/8ct on NBC.

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  • 20080702
    Candice Michelle.

    Mickie James


    Lilian Garcia

    Triple H

    Shawn Michaels

    Jeff Hardy

    Paul London

    Brian Kendrick

    Ron Simmons

    Robbie McAllister

    Rory McAllister

    Hacksaw Jim Duggan

    Val Venis

    Super Crazy

    Cody Rhodes

    More to come

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  • 20080908
    On Octber 3th SamckDown will be moving to my 13.

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  • 20080703
    SmackDown vs Raw 2009 is nearly here! The game will include all new features, including the brand new Inferno Match. The game will be available on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo Wii and the Nintendo DS. According to THQ, it should be released some time in November.

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  • 20080815
    His wrestling days may be behind him, but Hulk Hogan can still manage to avoid getting pinned.

    A Florida judge has released the pro wrestler from having to go through with the purchase of a $4.2 million Las Vegas condo, a property he agreed to buy with estranged wife Linda Bollea back in 2005, and a strong sticking point in their ongoing legal dealings, with Bollea just last month seeking to get her ex held in contempt of court and jailed for failing to pony up his share of the condo's cost.

    As it is, Judge George Green ruled on Thursday that...

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  • 20080729
    One weekend, several years ago, I saw Rick Flare, and some other wrestlers, at a hotel in LA when my husband was at a convention. For lunch *Nature Boy* ate two lunches, delivered via room service, by the pool side! He was very tan and buff. Wink

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  • 20080624
    Here are the results from the WWE Draft :

    1. Rey Mysterio drafted to Raw

    2. Jeff Hardy drafted to SmackDown

    3. CM Punk drafted to Raw

    4. Matt Hardy drafted to ECW

    5. Jim Ross drafted to SmackDown

    6. Michael Cole drafted to Raw

    7. Batista drafted to Raw

    8. Umaga drafted to SmackDown

    9. Kane drafted to Raw

    10. Mr. Kennedy drafted to SmackDown

    11. Triple H drafted to SmackDown

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  • 20080621
    Who do you think has the greatest legacy in WWE? Who has the most potential and who do you think should go into the Hall Of Fame?

    I think Ric Flair or Undertaker both have had a great legacy.
    Triple H, Jeff Hardy or Randy Orton have potential in WWE. They are all great wrestlers.
    Randy Orton should go into the Hall Of Fame because he became the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in WWE History when he defeated Chris Beniot at SummerSlam 2004. He has become a huge inspiration to me.

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  • 20080724
    At this week’s WWE SmackDown tapings from Philadelphia, Vickie Guererro announces the Undertaker has been reinstated and that he will face the man that speared her at the Great American Bash, EDGE. This will be Undertaker’s official return from hiatus. Edge’s match with the Undertaker at SummerSlam will be a Hell in a Cell match.


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  • 20080630
    On Raw, CM Punk was able to pin Edge and become World Heavweight Champion after cashing in his Money In The Bank Briefcase on Raw. Later in the night, he put his Title on the line against JBL, and retained the World Heavyweight Championship.
    For more information go on to WWE. Com.

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  • 20080621
    The WWE Draft is drawing nearer. Who would you like to see drafted?
    I want to see Jeff Hardy go to ECW and Edge to Raw.

    Naturally I would have picked Undertaker to go to Raw but considering he is not in WWE at the moment, that can never really happen. Although I heard rumours he was coming back at SummerSlam.

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  • 20080614
    Post your DVD Collection here.

    So far I have:

    John Cena : My Life 3 disc DVD
    Armageddon 2007
    Royal rumble 2005
    Unforgiven 2007

    And I should be getting WrestleMania XXIV very soon.

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  • 20080614
    Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

    The Undertaker is slated to return in late July. The storyline will lead to a SummerSlam showdown with Edge.

    Taker did indeed take some time off to heal some nagging injuries, but there was also a feeling that his program with Edge needed to be put on the shelf, at least for a little while. They want to continue it, but it was going to run out of steam without a major angle.

    The creative team wasn't told about Undertaker's leave of absence until a week ahead of time.

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  • 20080614
    I don't now if this is true. Steve Austin To Star In New Reality TV Show


    Original Media, the shingle behind unscripted hits "Miami Ink" and "L.A. Ink," has sealed a development pact with WWE wrestling legend "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

    Under the pact, Original will partner with management/production company Caliber Media to create a reality show with Austin at the center. Producers are keeping tight wraps on the concept, which they plan to pitch...

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  • 20080613
    The Undertaker is scheduled to come back around mid-July. He will continue his feud with Edge and face him at SummerSlam.

    Undertaker took time off to heal injuries and build his angle with Edge. Management felt the program between the two would become stale without a major angle at One Night Stand.

    Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • 20080610
    Tonight's Larry King Live is going to have Hulk Hogan as a gust. The show will be on CNN at 8:00pm. It will be replayed at these times 11:00 pm and 2:00am. This important interview form Terry. Who is speacking out in publicly for the fist time since his son Nick Billea was sentenced to eight months in jail and about the jailhouse audio tapes conversatiorns he had with his son being released to the to the media.

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  • 20080604

    To put away any rumors that have been floating around, the Undertaker is not going anywhere. He is not retiring, nor has he violated the WWE Wellness Policy. He has a long term deal with WWE. He is simply taking time off to heal some nagging injuries.

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  • 20080604
    I want to see the nick name that comes up the most.

    I like all the nick names he use.

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  • 20080604
    Do you as a fan think that Undertaker is taking time off form the WWE?

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  • 20080526
    Yesterday Brooke got into a car crash. Here is a link to for more on this story.

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  • 20080401
    Undertaker 15-0 DVD

    For those of you who like The Undertaker.
    He has a new DVD out called Undertaker 15-0 at Wrestle-Mania.
    It highlights all of his matches at Wrestle-Mania's. You can fined this dVd at Wall Mart for I think it was $15.00.

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  • 20080331
    At a WWE show the firework want hay-weary. More of this story still to come.

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