The Computer Chip (complete)

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This story will become soon.

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The Computer Chip (complete) :: Comments


Post on Sat Oct 11, 2008 8:07 pm by kane

The Computer Chip

Jack gets on his cell-phone to call CTU, someone pick up the phone Jack thinks to himself.

Tony picks up the phone at CTU.

I hope this is Jack calling in Tony thinks to him-self.

Tony and Jack talk on the phone. Tony tells Jack to speak up. Tony tells Jack to bring in Wallace right away.

Jack tells Tony he cannot bring in Wallace. Tony asked Jack why he cannot bring in Wallace. Jack tells Tony, Wallace is dead, and then he tells Tony that he has the evidence that the Cyprus audio was forged. Tony tells Jack to come back to CTU with the chip.

Jack asked Tony to call the President. When Tony says he will not call the President, tell he knows the chip was for real. Then Yusuf calls Jack over to him. Jack tells Tony he needs to go. Jack goes over to Yusuf and asks him what he wants. Yusuf says to Jack that he cannot take the chip out of the building. Jack asks Yusuf why he cannot take the memory chip out of the building. Yusuf says the chip has a tracking device on it.

Oh shoot, what can we do now? Jack is thinks to himself.

Jack asks Yusuf if he can get the tracking device off the chip. Yusuf says “I can get the tracking device off the chip.”

I hope I get the tracking device off the chip Yusuf thinks to him-self.

Jack is looking out of the window and sees the people the want the chip.

I hope that Yusuf got the tracking device off of the chip Jack is thinks to himself.

Jack asks Yusuf if he has the tracking device off of the chip. Yusuf says he do not have the tracking device off. Jack asks him how long it will take. Yusuf says he need one or two minutes. Then Jack tells Yusuf that the people that went the chip are here and tells Yusuf to hurry up and get the tracking device of the chip.

Yusuf hurry up and get the tracking device of the chip Jack is thinks to himself.

I wish I was at CTU right now Kate is thinks to herself.

Yusuf gets the tracking device of the chip and hands the tracking device to Jack. Jack tells Yusuf, Kate to take the chip back to CTU. He said he will take the tracking device with him so they can try to make it back to CTU.

I hope this works. I hope Jack can make it Yusuf is thinks to himself.

I hope I can see you again Jack. I love you Jack Kate thinks to her-self.

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Post on Sun Dec 07, 2008 10:59 pm by kane

Chapter 2

Kate and Yusuf got out of the building. Kate asks Yusuf where the car? Yusuf tells her, he doesn’t know where the car is. They go looking for the car. Meanwhile the meeting ends at the Whitehouse. Mike and the President are taking. Lynne Kresge com into the room and says that Tony Almeida is on the phone.

I hope this is a good sing that Tony is calling the President Mike is thinks to himself.

What is helping at CTU now? The President is thinks to himself.

Why would someone form CTU be calling the President Lynne Kresge thinks to herself.

The President takes the call. Tony tells the President he just talked to Jack. Meanwhile Kate, Yusuf fiends the car on the sixes floor of the parking garage.

Why didn’t we park on the fist floor of the parking garage Kate and Yusuf thinks to themselves?

Yusuf and Kate get into the car and drive off. Meanwhile the President, Mike and Lynne Kresge, are thinking about what they just heard over the phone.

What should I do? Should I trust Jack or should I go ahead with what I have planned? The President thinks to himself.

Mike says “I hope you make the right design Mr. President.”

Lynne says to the President “I hope you trust you’re heart on this.”

Mike and Lynne tell the President what they think the President should do.

Meanwhile Tony is trying to get a hold of Jack. Tony and Michelle are talking in the hallway. They are talking about what they want to do when they get home.

I want to go home but I have to stay here Tony thinks to him-self.

Why is Tony telling me this? Michelle thinks to herself.

Meanwhile Kate, Yusuf are dive to CTU. Yusuf, Kate go past the place where there are supposed to meet Jack at.

I hope we are going the right direction Yusuf thinks to him-self.

Meanwhile the cops pull over the car Kate, Yusuf are in. Jack is running around trying not to get caught by the men that are after the chip.

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