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Summery: End for a hero and new being for the people left behind.

Rated: R just to be safe

This story is a 24 fanfiction

Now or Never

Chapter 1

Its a long night at CTU and it just got longer. The terrorists got
into the building and released some nerve gas. There is one man
standing in the way of the terrorists. That one man is Jack Bauer.

Jack "Chloe, is the chemical team on their way?" She looked up from
her computer and said. "Yes Jack, they are on their way here. But Jack,
I dont think they will be here on time, to stop the nerve gas from
spreading to the other rooms."

When Jack heard the bad news, he knew he had to make a choice. A
choice that will save or kill the people he cares for. With a frown on
his face, he glances at everybody in the room with him. He thought to
himself I cant let them down. I have to do something to save them.

He turned to Chloe and asked. Is there anyway we can stop the
nerve gas from spreading to the other rooms without the chemical team?

"Jack, I will get on it."

"Do it now! Chloe, we are running out of time". A long minute has
passed then, Chloe spoke up. "Jack, I think I have something that might

"What do you have Chloe?" Jack asked.

"I think I can use one of our air conditioning units to stop the gas."

With a sigh of relief ,Jack sits down. Until Jack heard a yelp
comes from Chloe and he asked her. "What is it Chloe?" Chloe took a big
breath and said. "Jack, I can not get the air conditioning unit to

With a glimpse of sheer horror on his face, Jack asked. "Can you say that again Chloe?"

With a deep breath, Chloe replied. "What I meant to say is I can not access the air conditioning unit Im trying to use."

"Damn it, Chloe, why cant you access the unit?"

With a roll of her eyes, Chloe answered his question. "Jack, it is
being blocked by another computer program. And its not letting me have
access to the air conditioning unit"

When this is said, Jack glanced around the room and studied the
faces in the room. Jack walked up to Chloe and crouched down at her eye
level. And he looked at her and everyone in the room again. He thought
to himself It's up to me now.

When Chloe cleared her throat, she looked at him. He looked at her
with a knowing look in his eyes and asked. "Chloe, what do I have to

"Jack, first you have to find a way out of this room without killing all of us." Chloe answered.

Jack looked around the room and found a wall and walked up to it
and knocked on it. When he hit the wall it wasnt hollow. Then he
turned to Chloe and walked back to her and said. That wall over to the
right is not hollow. I can cut one of the panels away from it. And go
through it.

"Ok, Jack just do it!" Chloe replied.

Jack walked back to the wall and crouched down, pulled a
pocketknife out. He started to cut a square piece of paneling away.
When he was done, he turned to Barry and Kim. He asked them to come
over to him.

They came over and asked. What do you want with us? He asked Kim,
"Sweet, can you hold my knife?" Kim looked at her dad with a sad face
and took the knife from him; she is thought to herself Im not going
to see my dad again.

Before he is ready to pull back the paneling, he turned to Barry.
He asked him. Barry, help me to pull back this piece of paneling. and
with a frown on his face said. Ok, Jack.

Jack turned to his daughter and asked for his knife back. With her
head down, Kim handed the knife back to him. When this was done, Jack
turned back to Barry and said. "As soon as Im through, you put the
paneling back." With a sigh, Barry answered. "I know that, Jack. I will
put it back." After this is said, Jack and Barry counted to three. And
they pulled off the piece of paneling Jack had cut.

Jack goes through the hole in the wall. Everyone in the room is sad to see him go.

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