The death of Nina

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default The death of Nina

Title:The death of Nina
Characters:Nina, Kim and Jack
Summary:The scene when Jack shoots Nina, and what i thik what Jack, Nina and Kim are thinking.

The death of Nina

"You can not shoot me Kim you are not like your dad Kim put the gun down. Kim walk away, Kim I will not kill you. If you get in my way I will kill you."

"You donít know me at all Nina Iím here to kill you for killing my mother and for ruining my life and for ruining my dadís life to."

"Come on Kim you donít have the guts to kill me."

Nina comes up to Kim and then pulls the gun up and gets read to shoot Kim in the head. Jack comes up behind Nina and shoots her in the shoulder

"Kim please, leave and donít come back here. Just keep going and donít look back here please get out of here Kim and I love you."

"Dad donít, do what I think youíre going to do. Please donít kill her just let me kill her dad so you donít have to live with yourself for killing someone your still love."

Kim left the room and Jack comes up to Nina who is on the ground holding here shoulder.

"You cannot kill me Jack; you are still in love with me. So thatís why you will not kill me Jack."

"I am still in love with you Nina, but I cannot let you live or leave this place alive Nina. So this is the end for you Nina good bye Nina."

Nina dies thinking

"Jack, please donít kill me I love you Jack. Iím sorry for killing you wife. Iím still in love with you Jack."

"What have I done, what have I done? I killed the person that I was in love with. God can you, forgive me."

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