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Here is another 24/Wrestling story. This story is not a sequel to Jack Bauer VS Undertaker. I might add to this story after I finish the computer chip.

Who Killed Who?

Five miles away from CTU, some of the WWE superstars are getting ready to go to the Halloween party at CTU.

Sandman asked “Hey Taker, are you ready to go to CTU?”

With a smart mouth, Taker said “Why are we are going to CTU?”

With a smirk on his face, Kane answered his brother question

“Remember we are going to the Halloween party at CTU; dress like the three Stooges.”

“I did not remember saying I would dress up and go to CTU’s Halloween party.”

Kane and Sandman looked at Taker and say in unison

“You were drunk when you said you would come with us to the party!”

Meanwhile at CTU Jack and Kate are getting dressed in their costumes for the party.

“Why do I have to be Gilligan?”

With a sigh Kate said

“That’s the only costume that fits you or the other costume you can wear is a little black dog.”

“Ok, I will be Gilligan”

Back at the hotel Test came into the room where Kane, Sandman and Taker are sitting in their costumes.

“What are you laughing at (Larry) Taker?”

The three of them are saying to Test “Hi Minnie Mouse?”

“Stop laughing at me guys. This was the only costume they had left.”

“What ever you say Test” Taker said.

Back at CTU Kate is sitting next to Jack in her costume.

“Jack what are you looking at?”

“I like your Mickey Mouse costume.”


“You are welcome.”

Meanwhile at the hotel we see the three Stooges and Minnie Mouse walking out the front door.

“Where are you guy's going” asked The Rock.

The three Stooges and Minnie Mouse said

“We are going to CTU.”

“Why are you going there?”

“We are going to the Halloween party” said Test (Minnie Mouse).

“See you guy's later” said The Rock.

Back in the green room at CTU, Tony is getting ready for the party. Michelle walks into the room and asks him. “What are you going to be for the Halloween party, Tony?”

“I do not know, Michelle.”

“I like the Donald Duck costume you had on the last time we had the Halloween party.”

“I will go with the Donald Duck costume then. What are you going to be, Michelle?”

With a sigh, Michelle answered

“I'm not going to be here tonight for the Halloween party.”

“Why are you not going to be here for the Halloween party?”

“I want to go home and get some sleep.”

“Ok, see you at home, Michelle.”

In a green car, we see the three Stooges and Minnie Mouse driving to CTU. Meanwhile, at CTU, we see Gilligan, Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse standing in the middle of the main floor of CTU.

We see a green car pulling into the CTU parking lot. All the characters in the car got out and go up to the front door of CTU.

Donald Duck, Gilligan and Mickey Mouse saw them coming and go up to them.

“How are you guys are doing” Gilligan said.

In unison, the three Stooge sand Minnie Mouse said

“We are doing fine.”

“Ok, let’s get the party start” Said Donald Duck.

The characters go into the clinic. When they are in the room, the lights went out; then a scream is heard.

“What happened” asked Gilligan.

Gilligan looked around the room and sees Larry on the ground. Moe and Curly look at Donald Duck.

Donald Duck looked at Minnie and Mickey Mouse.

Mickey Mouse looked at Gilligan.

“What are you looking at me for?” asked Gilligan.

“We need to find out who killed Larry” said Mickey Mouse.

“I did not kill Larry” said Moe “he was my brother” said Moe (Kane)

“I did not kill him, he was my best friend” said Minnie Mouse.

“Ok, we know Minnie Mouse and Moe did not killed Larry” said Mickey Mouse (Kate)

“Do not look at me, I liked Larry” said Mickey Mouse.

“What! You liked Larry?” said Gilligan.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Curly and Moe asked Gilligan “Did you kill Larry?”

“Yes, I did kill Larry” said Gilligan.

“Why did you kill him?”

“I did not like him.”

“You killed my brother?” Moe said.

“Yes, I did kill your brother, Moe.”

Moe has a go at Gilligan, but Curly grabbed his arm.

“You need to calm down Moe. If Larry was here, he will not want you to kill Gilligan.”

“I will not kill him now.”

The End for Now

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