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Title:Breaking out Ramon

The scene in the prison in season 3

Breaking out Ramon

Why I am always picked first for these tapes of games. It is hared for me to tell this man in front of me to kill himself. You think it gets easy to tell people to kill themselves. How is it going to be sitting across from me for the next round of this game? I see them looking for the next person to come up to the table to play this game, I hope it is Ramon.

The inmate goes up and down the row of guards; he picks Ramon for the next round.

Why did they pick me for the next round of this game? I知 not a guard, why would they pick me? This is going to be fun facing Jack for the last time and looking into his eyes and seeing fear in them. This is a fitting end for you Jack.

The inmate puts the gun down on the table, in front of Jack. Then he tells Jack to put the gun to his head and pull the trigger.

So this is how it ends with me looking Ramon in the eyes and pull the trigger. Now I can see myself in the eyes of Ramon. He knows all along, I was just like him. When I was working for him, I wish, I never had met him at all.

That痴 it Jack put the gun to your head and see if you live. I can see fear in your eyes Jack. I wish, I could be the one that kills you instead of the gun in your hands.

Jack picks up the gun and puts it to his head and pulls the trigger. It does not go off. The inmate takes the gun from jack and give it to Ramon and says put it to your head and pull the trigger.

So it is my turn to put the gun to my head and hope it does not go off. I can see Jack smiling at this and thinking I知 going to die now. But I know, I知 not going to die this way.

This is a fitting way for Ramon to die. With a bullet to the head and looking into my eyes, when he pulls the trigger, it did not go off. I知 going to be the one that dies today. I wish; I did not come here to break Ramon out of this place.

That痴 right Jack it is you turn and you know you are not going to make it. Good by my brother and friend, it has been nice to see you again.

The inmate says it looks like; Jack is not going to the next round, of this game. Then the inmate takes the gun from Ramon and gives it to Jack and says put it to your head.

Why does it have to end this way for me in this place looking into the eyes of Ramon? I知 not going to do it I知 going to short the instead inset of myself. Then I知 going to get out of here with Ramon!

This is going to be good to get out of here. My way out of here is with Jack Bauer and I want to kill him for what he did to me, and my brother and for putting me in this place.

I know what Ramon is thinking right now. He wants to kill me for what I did to him and his brother, and putting him in this place, in the first place and for being his friend and for betraying him.

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