Sarah Widow of the Undertaker

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default Sarah Widow of the Undertaker

This is a wrestling fanfiction I hope you guy enjoy it.

Sarah Widow of the Undertaker

It was along time ago when they met each other and got married. As the long distance relationship was getting hard for them, it was time to say good bye. Getting on the phone, she dials her husband’s cell phone number.

When Sarah didn’t get an answer after the fifth ring, she stands up and looked over where her two kids were playing. Before she got into her car, her oldest son asked “where you are going, mom?” Sarah didn’t want to answer him. She got into her car and drove away. A real bad feeling came over her.

At the stoplight she looked at the place where they first met. Happier times popped up in her mind. Like the times when they were on the road together and just having a ball. As soon as the light changed and the car behind her honked its horn, reality came back to Sarah.
Sarah was getting near the street the Toyota Center was on she was thinking what she wants to tell her husband when she got to see him next.

Meanwhile at the Toyota Center, all the WWE staff members stood in shock, with mouth open at what they just saw. The truck that the Undertaker was driving just blew up. He was inside, knowing that this was not a part of tonight show Vince got on the phone. In five minutes, the nearest fire station was on the scene, thinking it’s a stunt for the show. When they got the car fire under control and looked inside the car they saw the remains of a body.

Arriving at the center, Sarah saw the fire trucks and does not think anything about them(Just thinking they are there for the show). She comes little closer to the crowd of superstars that are gathering. Then she saw the burnt car. Her heart skipped a beat. When she saw Stephanie coming her way her knees became like jelly. Kane got to her before she fell to the ground. Stephanie was telling her about the accident.

A week later after the accident, all the WWE superstars came to the funeral for the Undertaker. “We are gathered here today to remember Taker. A mountain of a man, but a kind soul and a loving husband; loving dad to his kids. He is now in a better place.” Sarah knew here husband’s past would come back to haunt him. She didn’t think that the past was coming this soon and didn’t think it was ending like this. Triple H came over to her, hugged her and whispers into Sarah’s ear. “You think he would get away for trying to kill me.” With a laugh, as he walks away from her. Right then, Sarah knows that, he had something to do with her late husband’s death.

A month has past by since the funeral and the shocking news. Her kids where doing ok without their father around; it was like he was on the road to them. Till one lonely day her youngest son came to her and asked “when is daddy coming back home?” That’s when she broke down into tears and told her sons why their dad wasn’t coming back to see them.

After that day, Sarah vowed to find out what was in her husband’s past. What Triple H said to her kept popping up in her head, too many questions. Knowing the only way for them to be avoided, was to go back to work. She hates the idea of going back to work for Vince. But in the end, the wanting to know wins. Turning on the computer and typing in her old boss’ email address.

The email said:

Dear: Mr. McMahon, this is Sarah, one of your old workers. I was wondering if you still have an opening for another diva on any of your shows. Please email me back as soon as you can.

Sarah Callaway

Upon hitting the send button, without realizing her oldest boy was looking over her shoulder, reading what she just wrote to Vince McMahon. Hurt and sadness was written all over the boy’s face.
Most shocking to her was what her boy said. “You want to go back to work for someone you don’t even trust. Why do you want to do that to my brother and me, mom? Do you love us or not?”

She knew what he said about not trusting Mr. McMahon was true, but this was the only way to found out what had happened. Yes, she loves her kids. This was eating her up inside. In a few minutes, the answer about getting the job back, came in a phone call instead of an email.

On the other side of the line was Mr. McMahon “Is this the Callaway’s house?” With a shaking voice, Tommy said “Yes, this is Callaway’s. Who is this?” Thinking about the last time he saw Taker’s two sons, he now realizes who he is it talking with. In a voice he would use with his kids when they were kids. So that he wouldn’t scare the littlest of the two sons of Sarah’s. “Tommy, this is Vince McMahon. Is you mom home?” With a bit of silence from Tommy. “Yes she i…..s.” “May I speak to her?” With out any warning, Tommy’s yells out for his mom. “Mommy, Vince is on the phone for you.”
Running down the hallway a fast as Sarah’s feet can take her, she reaches her youngest son and takes the phone form him. With a look only a mother can give, Tommy walks away as happy as can be. For he is thinking his mommy is getting her old job back.


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Chapter 2

It was a week and a half after Mr. McMahon’s phone call to Sarah Callaway residence. Sarah was back to work for the WWE. She was hoping to finding a link to the past that her husband and Triple H shared. She was driving around Anaheim, looking for the Ayres Hotel. When Sarah finally found the hotel; her two kids were fast asleep in the back seat of the van.

Vince saw her car pulling into a parking space in the hotel parking lot. Thinking to himself and wondering if she has her kids with her; he walked up to her car and looked in the back seat and saw the two boys asleep. When she was getting out of the car, Sarah saw Mr. McMahon standing there. It was more of a shock what he said to her.
“Do you need any help?”
“Yes you may. Can you help me get my kids of the back?” Without hesitating, Vince opens one of the rear doors, the one that was the closest to the youngest boy, scooping him up like a loving dad (or anyone world do with a sleeping kid). Sarah was waking up her oldest son. She is looking at Vince, holding Tommy in his arms, it brings tears to her eyes. When her oldest woke up, he asked her “what’s was wrong mom?” Not wanting to answer his question, she said to him “help me with the bags.” Knowing his mother was dancing around what he had just asked her.

They all walk up to the front desk when Tommy wakes up in Mr. McMahon arms. As soon as Vince felt the little boy squirm in his arms he leaned to the floor to let the boy go to his mom; Sarah looks down when she felt a tug at her legs. That’s when she saw her youngest son and a small crept across her face.

Mr. McMahon mouths to her see your tomorrow and have a good night. Right then they parted there ways and said they goodbyes. Sarah and her kids walk to they hotel room to turn in for the night.

The next day Sarah woke up fresh and fit for the day ahead. Not wanting to wake her boys Sarah got dressed in the dark. She was wondering what Vince wanted to talk to her about.

Jotting down a memo for Jim; it reads I will be right back, make sure Tom does not get into mischief, when I’m gone. When she got done with writing the letter to Jimmy she walks out the door and down the hallway. Sarah literally runs into Stephanie McMahon. On her away to have a chat with Stephanie father. Bending down with a hand and she asked Stephanie “are you all right?” Step took the hand and replied “yes I will be in a minute.” After a moment’s hesitation she asked “Sarah why are you in a hurry?” Kind of out of breath Sarah answers her “I’m late for a meeting with you dad and my kids are still sleeping in the room.”

With that said Sarah walks away from a dumbfounded Stephanie. Along her way to Mr. McMahon’s hotel suite, she was thinking to herself “I hope I don’t run into any more McMahon.” Back in the room Jimmy is having a bad dread. Jim dreamed “dad doesn’t live with us. Taker turns to his oldest boy an talks I’m not living with you, I will always be in your heart.” With that said Taker vanished into thin air. At the point Jimmy wakes up and founds the quick note that his mom left him.

When she got to the sweet in stilled of Mr. McMahon being in the room; it was the one man that she didn’t want to see anytime soon. That man was Triple H. Thinking to herself
“Its butter to get my questions answered; right now than later.” Sarah clears her throat and asked “What did you mean by he tried to kill you?”
“What are you talking about Sarah?”
“You now what I’m talking about? Where you talking about my husband or someone that looked like him; did you have anything to do with his death?”
Shocked and dumfounded by what Sarah was saying to him he kind of answered her questions. “When you go home go though your closet, you will discover a box. It will answer one of your questions” Sarah just gives him the stink eye for what he just told her. Just at the moment Vince walks into the room with an envelope in his hands. He waltzes up to her and handed a piece of paper to her and explained to her where he needs her to sign. Then out of his inside pocket of the coat, he draws out another envelope that had money in it. Turns it over to Sarah, saying to her “This is the last pay check of Taker’s I would like you to take it.” Without thinking about it, Sarah took the money and goes up to Mr. McMahon; hugs him, also thanks him for everything that he has done for her family. Vince, the nice guy he is sometimes, returns the hug.

Later that day at the Pond in Anaheim the WWE was getting ready for Smack-Down. On this night it was so cold. In a locker room that she shared with Kane, Sarah was getting ready for her first match back with the WWE in such a long time. Kane was trying to get her up to date with the moves. Sarah was going up against V, a new talent to the wrestling world.

For the first match tonight we will see a newbie going against a veteran to the business.

She is in the back waiting for her music to hit the air waves. Sarah is dressed in blue jeans and a black leather vest. Her music hit’s the air. She goes through the curtains and stops when she gets to the ramp entrance. Sarah stands there for one minute and looks into the ring and stares at V, and the crowd goes nuts. She runs down the ramp at a very fast speed. Walking up the steel steps; when she stepped over the rope and into the ring, know will be big fight of her career coming back. Waiting for the bell to ring to signal the match has start. Bell tolls to signal the start of the match.

Inside the ring V and Sarah are going at it. V gets a hold of Sarah’s legs. She tries to put her in a figure-four leg lock. Sarah being the veteran out of two counters the move into a dope toe hold. V is so desperate to reach the ropes; she pulls Sarah half way across the ring. V grabs hold of the ropes, the referee saw that V was holding on the ropes. He starts to count to five, Sarah hears the referee counting and lets go of V. V took the advantage and tried to pin Sarah to the mat. She blocked the pin by V.

“That was a good block by Sarah, JR.”

“I know, King.”

In the ring V hits Sarah with a clothesline. But Sarah counters that clothesline with another clothesline from hell. They both fall to the ground with a bang. It is a race to see who will get up first. The referee starts counting to ten. Before he got to three both Sarah and V sat up from the mat. V put a sleeper hold on Sarah and it is locked on tight. She goes down on one kneed. Sarah gets some of V’s hair and that when V lost the hold she had. Sarah put a head lock on V, but V didn’t go down. She pinned Sarah shoulder down. But she failed, so Sarah kicked out.

Sarah does a roll up and pins V to the mat for the win.

Some of the wrestlers were happy to see her back among them and some them hated seeing her back. Walking back to the locker room She think “I hop I’m doing the right thing here.”

When she got back to the locker room her kid wear sleeping on the ground. But they came to live when the hared her and Glen talking


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