24: Carlos Bernard talks about Tony Aleida turn for the wors

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default 24: Carlos Bernard talks about Tony Aleida turn for the wors

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‘24′: Carlos Bernard talks about Tony Almeida’s turn for the worse'

Tony Almeida may have come back from the dead, but he’s not coming back from this.

We could deal with Resurrected Tony’s shaved head, that questionable patch of chin hair, his temporary alliance with the baddies who revived him. But you don’t snuff out the good guys and live to tell about it on “24.” (When Jack Bauer killed CTU director Ryan Chappelle – his upstanding if insufferable boss – in Season 3, his hand was forced by a terrorist.)

No, in tonight’s episode, Tony not only made off with a WMD of his very own, he murdered FBI agent Larry Moss to get it. Larry, who was finally getting behind Jack’s effective if unorthodox ways. Larry, whose eyes bugged out in terror as he was choked to death by Tony the Traitor. It was almost as bad as watching Edgar’s pitiful demise.

For now, Tony’s moves are suspect. Even in Jack’s weakened state, we all know he’s Tony’s match. Jack tazes phones, knives sources who won’t give him answers and bulldozes his enemies. Literally, not figuratively. We try to pry more information out of actor Carlos Bernard about Tony’s about-face and whether he’ll live to see Day 8. Unfortunately, Bernard is a formidable opponent:

After tonight’s episode, Tony is dead to me … but I still want to know what his deal is.
Um, well, I can’t really tell you what’s ultimately behind his actions.

Still pissed at the government for Michelle’s death, I presume?
I think he’s motivated by still being stuck in a place of anger and resentment. He still feels betrayed by the government.

So this has all been one big setup? The whole time he was just playing poor (now dead) Bill Buchanan?
Yeah, this has been his plan.

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