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Top 5 TV Dads

In honor of Father's Day on Sunday here is a list of the Top 5 TV
Dads. There was no criteria for this list as all of the contenders
made the list for different reasons.

And here we...go:

- 24

Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer

Of the all time total bad A** dads, Jack Bauer takes the cake, beats
the hell out of it, gets every piece of vital information out of it and
then makes sure it knows who it crossed before he ever lets anyone have
a piece. Seriously, if you had a problem and needed help getting out
of a jam, who better to go to than the former Counter Terrorism Unit

Since 24 began in 2001, we have seen what has to be
at least seven of the worst days of this guys life. He's been
betrayed, shot, stabbed, kidnapped and tortured by rogue Chinese
government officials, shot some more and has died at least three
times. Does it ever stop him?

Of course then again, he was
never home and he did get his wife killed and I'm sure Kim lived in
fear every day that she was going to be kidnapped because of whatever
here dad was into that day...or at least mauled by a cougar. But she
did repay him by donating stem cells to save him from the radiation he
was exposed to last season, so Happy Father's Day, Jack Bauer!!


#2. HOMER SIMPSON- The Simpsons

Dan Castelnetta as Homer Simpson

Ya have to give Homer Simpson some credit. He's been a TV dad longer
than anyone in the history of television. When the Simpsons begins
this fall it will be the 21st season of the show, making it the longest
running sit-com ever.

Homer may not be the smartest dad, or
the best parent. In fact, he's really not the smartest or the best
at...well, anything. But usually, and I say usually, he is there just
in time when his family needs him. He coaches Bart's football team,
even though he gets his son to fake an injury so he can play a better
player. He takes Lisa to a museum exhibit, even though he has to
physically break into the museum to do it. And for the most part he
remembers Maggie's name or at least remembers he has three kids and not
two. Most of the time.

And as opposed to someone else on
this list (see above), his wife is still with him and seems to be with
him by choice. Except he did try to shoot her in the face with a
shotgun/ make up sprayer... But he's always loved her and I think that
she knows deep down he loves her and the kids at least as much as a
chili cook off with free Duff beer. It's close anyway.

But hey nobody's dad is perfect and Homer is the perfect example, so Happy Father's Day Homer Simpson!


Bill Cosby as Heath Huxtable (middle)

Finally a father with some structure, and he's a doctor to boot.
Besides, who has ever heard of a father who is a doctor and is home
more than he is at the hospital, or his office, or a golf course?

Besides, you can't argue with having a dad who not only brings in the
doctor salary but can also throw down a joke with the best of them. He
was always there to talk to his kids or make them a sandwich...or at
least make himself a sandwich while they talked to him. And how many
kids go to their friends dad for advice as much as Theo and Denise's
friends went to Cliff? I know it was in the script, but you gotta give
the dude some credit. He could parent with the best of them. Plus, I
bet he had a freezer full of Jello pudding pops and those things we

Now, some would say that like all good men, the real power in the house
comes from the mother, or wife; in this case Claire Huxtable. But it
was the Cosby Show and not the Phylicia Rashad Show and this is a list
of fathers and not mothers. Also that's just a silly superstition. So
Happy Father's Day Dr. Huxtable!!

#4. RED FORMAN- That 70's Show

Kurtwood Smith as Red Forman

Here is a father I think we can all relate too. He's grumpy, yes. He
would probably not have kids if he had it to do over, knowing all the
un-necessary stress they would cause him. Probably, maybe. And he
would rather Eric's friends not be at the house constantly stealing his
beer and filling his basement with "smoke".

But at the end of the day, Red is a family man, whether he likes it or not. He knows
deep down that he'd miss his family if they just up and vanished. And
he would much rather sit and listen to them whine than be forced to
listen to his neighbor Bob whine.

So Eric, it's okay to be a little cry baby about Donna now because Red's only hard on ya to
squeeze whatever manly-ness resides inside of you. And Laurie, it's
okay to be a trampy college flunky because no matter what, a daddy
always loves his little girl. Plus he's a guy that when he says he's
gonna put his foot in your a** believe him. So Happy Father's
Day Red Forman!!

#5. HANK HILL- King of the Hill

Hank Hill is just about the embodiment of what a father should be:

  • Drive a truck? Yep.
  • Immaculate yard? Yep.
  • Beer drinking buddies? Yep.
  • Patience of a saint? Yep- um, no
  • Abilities to over-look his son's differences? Eh-no...

Okay, he might not be cool or hold any high school football rushing
records any more, but Hank Hill always tries. I mean he really, really
tries. He might not approve of his son Bobby wanting to be a stand up
prop-comedian instead of following in his foot steps and selling
propane and propane accessories. And sure he wishes Bobby would be
more of a football stud and less of a mascot. And maybe he wishes he'd
never let the boy paint those white puffy clouds in his room, because,
really. what kind of boy wants white puffy clouds on his bedroom wall?

But his heart is in the right place. Again, unlike someone (ahem,
J.B.) he has never let any harm come to his wife. Well, except for the
time she fell out of the airplane trying to sky dive and her chute
didn't open and she smacked to the ground. She survived, luckily,
despite fracturing her back. But that wasn't his fault, was it.
Anyway, Happy Father's Day to you, too Hank Hill!! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all of you Father's out there!!

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