Superhero Kiefer Wows Comic Book Geeks

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default Superhero Kiefer Wows Comic Book Geeks

Post by kane on Sat Jul 25, 2009 11:21 pm

Superhero Kiefer Wows Comic Book Geeks

Forget Jack Bauer -- Kiefer Sutherland
is more like Superman ... as in dodging bullets. The NYC D.A. just
rejected filing charges in the headbutting incident and the L.A. City [color:e088=#29A256 ! important][color:e088=#29A256 ! important]Attorney says it's a bunch of hooey so he won't try and violate Kiefer's probation for DUI.

The crowd at Comic-Con in San Diego was duly impressed. Remember Jack McCullough, you don't tug on Kiefer's cape ...


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