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This thread is for the aricles of TNA Wrestling for this year only

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TNA Atricles 2010 :: Comments


Post on Tue Oct 26, 2010 8:04 am by kane

Jeff Hardy Turning Heel Maybe The Biggest Shock In 2010
By: Travis Smith(Correspondent) on October 25, 2010

TNA has been slammed since bringing in Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff in January. Hogan and Bischoff's list of screw-ups since January are longer than Stacy Kiebler's legs, but TNA finally got something right in the last two weeks by making Jeff Hardy a heel and TNA world champion.

When Jeff Hardy left WWE for TNA, people were left scratching their heads because of Hardy's solid role as one of the top babyfaces in the company, even becoming a multiple-time WWE/World Champion. So to leave that top spot to go back to a company that didn't properly push him the first time was crazy to some folks.

Hardy also was dealing with drug charges when he left the WWE, so many fans including myself thought that Jeff Hardy would be X-Division champion at best during his TNA tenure.

Hardy came back to TNA in January, and since that time, he had become one of the top babyfaces in the company and, perhaps, the wrestling industry by having classic matches with the likes of Mr. Anderson, Abyss, AJ Styles and Rob Van Dam. Hardy also formed a comical tag team with Mr. Anderson over the summer months, so it looked like he was in a solid position with in the company until No Surrender back in September.

Hardy and Kurt Angle's battle in the main event that went to a time-limit draw was a contender for match of the year. Fans were on the edge of their seats throughout the entire match and when it was over, people started to believe that Hardy had what it takes to be the next TNA World Champion.

Bound For Glory's main event was originally supposed to be Mr. Anderson against Kurt Angle for the TNA World Championship, but the TNA creative team decided to make it a triple-threat match by throwing Hardy into the mix. The move received mixed reviews from the wrestling critics because everybody thought that Hardy would just be the guy to be pinned in the match, but boy, were they wrong in an earth-shattering way.

Abyss had been talking about "they" since July, and people had thought that it was EV2, originally because of the extreme violence that Abyss had been dishing out to the entire TNA roster on Impact. Then critics and fans thought that Ric Flair's stable "Fortune" was behind Abyss's violent spree of terror, but once again, the critics were wrong. Abyss announced that "they" were coming on 10/10/10 or, to wrestling fans, at Bound For Glory.

Hardy, Angle and Mr. Anderson battled in a classic main-event battle until the referee was knocked down. Then Bischoff and Hogan came down to ringside to cause some chaos, but the entire wrestling world was rocked when Hogan handed Hardy the crutch to turn around and use on Angle and Anderson. Hardy pinned Mr. Anderson to become TNA world champion for the very first time in his career.

Hogan, Bischoff and Hardy celebrated in the ring until Abyss and Jeff Jarrett showed up and made it known that "they" were Hogan, Bischoff, Jarrett and new TNA world champion Jeff Hardy. Rob Van Dam came down to ringside to get answers from Hardy, but instead he got hit in the skull by a title-wielding Hardy. What the world saw at that moment was, in some people's eyes, a wrestling fan's dream because one of the most-beloved performers finally made the most-anticipated heel turn in TNA wrestling history.

Now, the heel turn alone was a huge shock, not only in TNA but in the entire wrestling world, because Jeff Hardy had never been booed before and he was looked up to by so many of the younger wrestling fans. But what happened over the next few weeks would blow the minds of so many wrestling fan: Fortune and Ric Flair joined forces with Hogan's newly-formed heel stable known as "Immortal".

The mega faction received a lot of heat from the live audience, but also served as a stepping stone in Hardy's career because, for the first time, he was being pushed as "the man" in the wrestling world.

Hardy stated to fans, "I didn't sell out, I bought in and for the first time in my career, I am here standing before the entire wrestling world as your TNA World's Champion".

I feel like Hardy is one of the best in-ring performers that the wrestling industry has seen in a long time because he can do it all: from being in an extreme rules match with a hardcore legend like Rob Van Dam to battling a high-flyer like Amazing Red or AJ Styles to even being in a mat-based war with Kurt Angle.

Wrestling fans have always overlooked Hardy, finding him hard to take seriously because he doesnt have the mic skills to get over as a top guy in any wrestling company. I believe that Hardy has all the tools to be one of the greatest world champions in the history of TNA, and he also can make TNA "must-see" television each week if he is booked right.

I know that Hardy has his fans and his haters out there in the IWC, but one thing that no one can deny is that he has the entire wrestling world buzzing and may end up as one of the bigger stars in pro wrestling history.


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Post on Thu Oct 28, 2010 8:08 am by kane

Shining a Spotlight 10.28.10: The Current Build

Both WWE and TNA are showing some success but also have slews of problems (although, for a rarity, TNA appears to be a bit more focused than WWE right now). ...

I will post more of this atricle laster today.

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Post on Tue Nov 23, 2010 11:46 pm by kane

Two Recently Cut WWE Stars Interested In TNA
Added on Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Two recently released WWE wrestling stars have expressed interest in possibly signing on with TNA. In separate interviews both Tiffany (Taryn Terell) and Luke Gallows (Drew Hankinson) gave their take on a TNA future.

Tiffany on Monday Night Mayhem, I would definitely say that my future is wrestling. I was not this crazy lifelong fan. I wish I could say I was, but from the time I started wrestling before my very first tryout at OVW, I bought five wrestling books, and read them, and learned as much as I could. I immediately fell in love with the business, and I have such strong passion for it, so no matter what, Im definitely going to be wrestling. If TNA comes knocking at my door, Im definitely open to that, and I think Dixie Carter has done really an amazing job. Shes really put in a lot into the Knockouts division, and they have a lot of really great talent there. I would love to go there. Id love to be with TNA. I just love it, and have such a passion for it, and whoever will have me, I am ready to get back into the ring.

Luke Gallows on ClubWWI, Ill be honest with you, man. As you can tell from this interview, Im a wrestling fan and a fan of this business. I have friends in TNA and Ive been watching the product. I watch it every week and Im a fan. I think its getting better and better and its cool. I think that TNA Reaction Show, Im sure a lot of you guys watch that, is one of the coolest shows on TV, especially if youre a wrestling fan and getting to see that perspective on it. I dig it. I think thats very cool.

I also noticed their ratings since to be on the incline as well. I think they have a lot of good things going down there. I got a lot of good friends down there. And now its packed with legends and the top headliners from the business from when we were growing up too so I think its really cool. I would love to do something there if the opportunity presents itself. I think that might be a good place for me to step out of the box. I think I might be able to help them and they might be able to help me. So well see what happens when the 90 days are up.


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Post on Mon Dec 06, 2010 8:19 am by kane

Samoa Joe: Now That His TNA Contract Has Expired, Is WWE the Place to Be?
By:Rize (Analyst) on December 5, 2010

If you haven't already noticed, Samoa Joe's TNA contract has expired. While reports suggest Joe will work tonight's PPV and Thursday's Impact.

While I'm fully aware that both sides plan to negotiate a new deal this coming week, this is a golden opportunity for Joe.

For the past few months, Joe has been buried by TNA management. Joe's current standing in TNA pales in comparison to his early run in the company. An undefeated streak that stretched over a year and a decent World Title run.

Now he's losing matches to Jeff Jarrett, and guys like Orlando Jordan. Like I've stated times before, Joe has been having one of the worst years along side buddy CM Punk. TNA has been treating Joe like garbage since Hogan and Bischoff joined TNA.

Joe has also been stuck in pointless angles. The kidnapping angle from months ago was never explained and Joe hasn't been able to regain his momentum since. All of this should point to a major change for Joe. Maybe even a change in companies.

I perfectly understand the handling of former TNA talent by WWE Creative but it's noticeably different in this case. Joe did not leave the WWE for TNA. Even if he did it wouldn't get any worse than his current status in TNA. Joe's a shell of his former self and I am behind any strive for a change.

Maybe a monster heel role in WWE could help his character. Remember Joe has multiple buddies in the WWE. Morrison, Cena and CM Punk are all friends with the "Submission Machine". Maybe a little peer pressure would push Joe to switch companies.

Just imagine Joe taking on Sheamus, Cena, Kane, Orton and maybe even the phenom. It's time for Joe to hit the big time. He will not receive any argument from me.


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Post on Tue Dec 07, 2010 8:11 am by kane

'Tara' Predicts That More WWE Talents Will Debut In TNA

TNA Knockout Tara spoke to about leaving WWE for TNA Wrestling and predicts that many others will follow her path. You'll be seeing some names ...

I will hopfule be posting more of this atricle later today. I also don't know if this is tru or not.

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Post on Sat Dec 11, 2010 12:37 pm by kane

TNA IMPACT! & ReAction + WWE Superstars Ratings
By Ryan Clark | December 10, 2010 | Comments (39)

This week's edition of TNA iMPACT! did a 1.1 cable rating, with 1,508,000 viewers. This is the show's highest rating since November 11th.

This week's edition of TNA ReAction did a 0.58 (0.6) cable rating, with 775,000 viewers, also the largest audience
since November 11th.

Both shows went head-to-head with an NFL game featuring the Indianapolis Colts vs. Tennessee Titans.


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Post on Sat Dec 11, 2010 12:45 pm by kane

WWE & TNA Weekend Schedules
Posted by Larry Csonka on 12.10.2010

A light weekend

- TNA tapes Impact tonight at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
. This will be the final TNA live event until January, and will complete the build to the Genesis PPV.


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