The Lost Baseball (complete)

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Title: The lost baseball
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: When CTU has a baseball game.
Disclaimer: I don't own anyone

The lost baseball

It was long day at CTU and some of the staff at CTU want home early to get ready for the staff baseball game. The only ones that are still inside the bulling are Jack, Tony, Chloe and Kim. Tony turns to Chloe and to say. “Why are you still here?”

“Because Tony I have no where to go and I have everything here for the game.” Tony turns barite red and said to Chloe. “I hate you attuned right now. Go get ready for the game.” “Find I will get ready for the game, but I will not be on you team.” Chloe walks way and to here office to change into her uniform for the staff baseball game.

When Chloe left the room Kim comes into the room and looks at Tony asked. “What are you yelling at Chloe for?” Tony sighs to himself and turns to Kim and said. “I was not yelling a Chloe.” “Tony I heard you all the way form the backroom. Tony what’s you problem with Chloe anyway?” “Kim she gets on my naves and I’m trying to get ready for the staff baseball game.” “Tony I know she can be a pine in the ass. But that dose not gave you the right to yell at her.”

“Kim places lave before I yell at you.” Kim puts her hands up and said. “Ok Tony I will lave but I have to ask you something.” “Kim what is it?” Tony asked. “Why are you so uptake about the baseball games?” “Because Kim I use to play little league when I was a little kid and never won a game that way I’m so uptake when we have these game. Now leave.” Kim walks out of Tony’s office and back to the bathroom to changes into her uniform for the game.

Jack walk into the office to see Tony sitting down. He walks up to him and asked. “Tony how do you felling?” “Jack I will fell a lot bather, if I know where the baseball I gave you is!” Jack goes up to Tony and points his finger at him and said. “You didn’t give me a baseball. You should look in the desk of your.” “Fan Jack I will look in my desk, if it’s not there you has to find it.” “Fin I will find it if it’s not in you desk! Jack yelled.

Tony goes over to his desk and opens it and looks inside it and finds the baseball. Tony turns to Jack and said. “I’m so sorry Jack, for yelling at you.” “That ok Tony, I know how you get what’s time to have to staff baseball game. But I’m not the one you should say sorry to it’s Chloe you have say that to.” “I now that Jack. Jack do you know where is she?” “Tony she is sanding outside the office door. Know go say sorry to her.” “Ok Jack.” After saying this Tony walks out of his office and walks up to Chloe and said. “Chloe I’m so sorry for yelling at you.” Chloe looks at him and said. “It’s ok Tony, I figered you where get upset about losing the games wining ball form last yeas staff baseball game.” They hugged and turn to see Jack and Kim standing behind them ready to play some baseball. They all go out of CUT to go to the game.

The End

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